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The Dadalo Compositi was founded in 2015, as an Innovative Start-Up, to cover a sector of the market booming, and that was not affected by the crisis, namely the production and marketing of unmanned and autonomous vehicles, so-called Dron.

Today this sector is growing, especially multicopter, but they are already being developed other kind of Dron (aircraft, rover, vessels, etc.) , however, the mass market has not yet discovered it.

In this first phase the company will focus on producing small multicopter for professional purpose. This choice is linked to the new regulation issued by various Civil Aviation Authority.

To date we being tested a prototype of modular Exacopter, with carbon fiber structure of the weight of less than 1 kg, and with a payload up to 1 kg, capable of autonomous flight. This multicopter is the first modular  on the market.

The second step is starting a Crowdfunding campaign to optimize the production cost and reach the mass market.

The third step is starting the production of other kind of drone also for professional use.

Company Philosophy
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